Kalu Sunday Okocha

Kalu Sunday Okocha is a LECTURER II in FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Department, Faculty Of Agriculture in Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Personal Information

Food Science And Technology, Faculty Of Agriculture, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Academic Qualifications

Okocha Kalu Sunday has entered his educational qualifications but his documents are yet to be cited and approved by the Personnel Unit before being listed.

Creative Output

Journal Articles
1Victor-Aduloju A T, Okocha K S, Ezegbe C C, Anarado C S. (2021, July), "Proximate Composition And Organoleptic Properties Of Kunun-Saki Enriched With Date Fruit(Phoenix Dactylifera)", Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, Vol. 9 (Issue ), pp 236-241.
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3Victor A T, Udeh N S, Okocha K S, Ezegbe C C. (2020, April), "Physiochemical And Microbial Evaluation Of Tigernut Milk Sold In Selected Eateries In Awka, Anambra State.", Direct Research Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, Vol. 8 (Issue 4), pp 111-115.
4Victor A T, Nwanja N M, Ezegbe C C, Okocha K S,. (2020, ), "Phytochemical And Vitamin Properties Of Smoothie Flavored With Mint Leave Extract.", International Journal of Biochemistry Research and Review, Vol. 29 (Issue 7), pp 24-30.
5Ezegbe C C, Anarado C S, Agu H O, Obiegbuna J E, Okocha K S. (2020, ), "Shelf Life Detention Of Food Using Hurdle Technology", Nigerian Food Journal, Vol. 38 (Issue 10), pp .
Conference Papers
1Okocha K S, Nwabueze T U. (2016, June), "Prelimary Optimization Of Process Conditions For African Breadfruit Dehulling Parameters Using Ohmic Heating", NIFST, Vol. (Issue ), pp 80-81.
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