Dr. Emeka Christian Okafor

Dr. Emeka Christian Okafor is a LECTURER I in ANATOMY Department, Faculty Of Basic Medical Sciences in Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Dr. Emeka Christian Okafor

Personal Information

Anatomy, Faculty Of Basic Medical Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

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Academic Qualifications

Dr. Emeka Christian Okafor has entered his educational qualifications but his documents are yet to be cited and approved by the Personnel Unit before being listed or he did not make his qualifications visible.

Creative Output

Journal Articles
1Ezejindu Damian Nnabuihe, Udodi Princewill Sopuluchukwu¹, Enemuo Chidili Ijeoma¹, Okafor Emeka Christian, Okeke Somadina Nnamdi¹, Agulanna Ambrose Echefulachi, Ifeanacho Ezetaonu Abarth, Idorenyin Umoh, Kingsley Akaninyene Nikon, Okara Andy-Davis Chidi. (2024, March), "The effect of local millet drink (Kunu) on the testis and epididymis of adult male wistar rats", Wikijournal of Science, Vol. 7, (Issue 1), pp 1
2Uchechukwu Dimkpa, Ikechukwu Okoli, Kester E. Nwaefulu, Ijeoma C. Enemuo, Emeka C. Okafor, Bright C. Unaeze, Emmanuel N. Ezeokafor, Ngozi C. Chuka-Onwuokwu Okpala. (2023, June), "Effects of Sitting Recovery Protocols on Postexercise Heart Rate in Young Adults", J Clin Exerc Physiol, Vol. 12, (Issue 3), pp 72–79
3E. C. Okafor, G. U. Ndukwe, F. C. Akpuaka and H. K. Okechukwu. (2023, July), "Effects of Cucumis sativus Extract on the Histomorphology of the Ovaries and Hormonal Profile of Adult Female Wistar Rats", Journal of Advances in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol. 25, (Issue 5), pp 24-29
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Conference Papers
1Ezejindu DN, Uzondu P, Udodi PS, Okafor EC, Enemuo IC, Agada EN. (2024, February), "Effect of co-administration of methamphetamine and vitamin C on the prefrontal cortex of adolescent male wistar rats.",
2Umeh, CM, Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Okafor EC, Enemuo IC. (2024, February), "Effects of co-administration of methamphetamine and vitamin C on Hippocampus of Adult male wistar rats.",
3Innocent PC, Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Okafor EC, Enemuo IC. (2024, February), "Effects of Co-administration of methamphetamine and vitamin C on the tested of adolescent male wistar rats.",
4Nzeadibenma NJ, Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Enemuo IC, Okafor IC. (2024, February), "Effects of co-administration of methamphetamine and vitamin E on the testis of adolescent male wistar rats",
5Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Aguwa US, Okafor EC, Enemuo IC, Eleh CM. (2023, September), "The Impact of Cypermethrin and Diclorvos mixtures of Pyrethroid insecticide on the Oligodendrocyte of Amygdala of Male wistar rats",
6Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Aguwa US, Okafor EC, Enemuo IC, Orji I. (2023, September), "The Impact of Cypermethrin and Diclorvos mixtures of Pyrethroid insecticide on Oligodendrocyte of Substantia of Male Wistar Rats",
7Nnama NG, Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Agulanna AE, Eze CE, Enemuo IC, Okafor EC. (2023, September), "Ameliorative effect of Palm Oil on Sniper Induced Toxicity on the Cerebral Cortex of Adult Male Wistar Rats",
8Ezejindu DN, Udodi PS, Aguwa, US, Okafor EC, Enemuo IC, Uche, EF. (2023, September), "The impact of cypermethrin and Diclorvos mixture of pyrethroid insecticide on myelination of Amygdala of Male wistar rats",
9Duru FI, Okafor EC. (2018, September), "Histomorphological Effect Of Alcohol Beverage (Origin) On The Tested Of Sprague Drawley Rats", , 17th Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting 2018 (SECAN NAU 2018/058).

Academic Leadership Qualities

Contributions to the University/Society
1Departemental quality assurance officer, "Nnamdi Azikiwe University" (February, 2024)
2Chairman, "Histology manual production unit, Anatomy NAU." (June, 2023)
3Vice-chairman, "Committee of Histology manual production, Anatomy, NAU" (February, 2020)
4Committee member, "Departemental BSc. Accreditation committee" (September, 2019 to November, 2019)
5Committee member, "Maintenance and technical committee Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, NAU" (June, 2018)

Membership of Professional/Relevant Bodies

1Full Member, "Society of experimental and clinical anatomists of Nigeria (SECAN)" - FM/2024/021 (member since 2024), https://secanigeria.com
2Full Member, "Nigerian Medical Association" - FM/57178 (member since 2015), https://nationalnma.org

Relevant Events Attended

1"Society of experimental and clinical anatomists of Nigeria (SECAN)", (SECAN), 25th March, 2024 to 27th March, 2024; Rivers State University, Port Harcourt
2"Annual scientific conference and General assembly of Anatomical society of Nigeria", (Anatomical society of Nigeria), 4th September, 2023 to 8th September, 2023; Baze University, Abuja