Ikechukwu Smart Mbagwu

Ikechukwu Smart Mbagwu is a LECTURER I in ANATOMY Department, Faculty Of Basic Medical Sciences in Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Staff Profile

Smart I. Mbagwu is a Researcher and medical education professional with a background in anatomical sciences.  I also have an interest in applying my scientific expertise in the field of public health by engaging in programs initiated by health organizations in addition to promoting science advocacy through outreach programs for school children

Personal Information

Anatomy, Faculty Of Basic Medical Sciences, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Academic Qualifications

Degrees / Basic Certificates
1University Of Fribourg. (Doctor of Philosophy, June, 2020)
January, 2016 to June, 2020
PhD In Medical Sciences Medical Sciences
2University Of Lagos. (Master Degree, December, 2012)
September, 2011 to November, 2012
MSc (Anatomy) Anatomy
3Madonna University. (Bachelor Degree, November, 2008)
September, 2003 to August, 2008
BSc (Anatomy) Anatomy

Relevant/Working Experience

1Teaching Assistant, University Of Fribourg
August, 2017 to February, 2020
2Lecturer II, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
August, 2014 to Present
3Lecturer II, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
August, 2014 to Present
4Anatomy Dissection Coordinator, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
May, 2014 to November, 2015
5Departmental Attendance Coordinator, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
January, 2014 to December, 2015
6Assistant Lecturer, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
August, 2013 to August, 2014
7Assistant Lecturer, Nnamdi Azikiwe University
August, 2013 to August, 2014

Creative Output

Book Chapters
1Mbagwu S., Walch M., Filgueira L., Mantel PY.. (2017, ) Production And Characterization Of Extracellular Vesicles In Malaria
Journal Articles
1Usende Ifukibot Levi, Mofio M. Bintu, Osinachi Chinonyerem Daniella, Oyelowo-Abdulraheem Fatima Oyenike, Adikpe Oluwa Agbonu, Azeez Mariam Adedamola, Enefe Ndidi, Sanni Fatimah Saka, Beselia V. Gela, Smart I. Mbagwu, Edem Ekpenyong Edem, Olopade James Olukayode, Connor James. (2024, January), "Neurobehavioral deficits, histoarchitectural alterations, parvalbumin neuronal damage and glial activation in the brain of male Wistar rat exposed to Landfill leachate", Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy
2Izuchukwu Azuka Okafor, Smart Ikechukwu Mbagwu, Uchenna Somtochukwu Okafor, Johnson Okwudili Nweke, Kingsley Chinemerem Ibeabuchi, Samuel Nduka Ogbonna. (2023, November), "The methanolic extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa downregulates the relative expression of Kiss1 gene in the hypothalamus of Wistar rats: A preliminary report", Avicenna J Phytomed
3Izuchukwu Azuka Okafor, Smart Ikechukwu Mbagwu, Terkuma Chia, Zuwati Hasim, Echezona Ejike Udokanma,Karthik Chandran. (2022, April), "Institutionalizing Open Science in Africa: Limitations and Prospects", Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics
4Nils Lannes, Alexey Larionov, Smart I Mbagwu and Luis Filgueira. (2021, January), "How the Interaction of SARS-Cov-2 with the Interleukin-17A Receptor May Contribute to Neuropathology", Open Access Journal of Neurology & Neurosurgery
5Uzozie Chikere Ofoego, Ejike Daniel Eze, Elizabeth Obioma Nweke, Ifechukwu Justicia Obiesie, Ikechukwu Smart Mbagwu, Okafor Emeka Christian and Rabiu . (2021, January), "Allium Cepa (Onion) Extract Enhances And Protects Testicular Function And Architecture Against Paraquat Induced Oxidative Damage", Int. J. Life Sci. Pharma Res.11(1), 194-203
6Izuchukwu Azuka Okafor, Smart Ikechukwu Mbagwu, Chinyere Elizabeth Eze, Oluwatayo Jennifer Chizoba, Anachuna Obinna Nonso, Chris Okwuchukwu Obialor.. (2021, February), "Train-the-trainers Biology Workshop As An Effective Science Advocacy Tool: An Impact Assessment And Emerging Issues For Science Education", The Journal of STEM Outreach 4(1):1-10
7Rebecca C Chukwuanukwu, Nkemjika Uchenna, Smart I Mbagwu, Titus O Chukwuanukwu, Onyenekwe Charles. (2020, July), "Cryptococcus neoformans seropositivity and some haematological parameters in HIV seropositive subjects", Journal of Infection and Public Health
8Ofoego Uzozie Chikere , Mbagwu Smart Ikechukwu, Ekwujuru Ezinne Uchechi, Obiesie Ifechukwu Justicia , Madu Chiamaka Promise, Ofoego Amarachukwu Ndubui. (2020, August), "Maydis Stigma (Corn Silk) Extract Protects The Functionality And Histoarchitecture Of The Testis Against Paraquat Induced Toxicity", International Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences 08(2020):111-122 DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4040975.
9Chukwuanukwu Rebecca C, Nkemjika Uchenna, Mbagwu Smart I,Chukwuanukwu Titus O, Onyenekwe Charles. (2020, July), "Cryptococcus Neoformans Seropositivity And Some Haematologicalparameters In HIV Seropositive Subjects.", Journal of Infection and Public Health 13 1042–1046.
10Mbagwu, S.I.; Lannes, N.; Walch, M.; Filgueira, L.; Mantel, P.-Y.. (2020, January), "Human Microglia Respond To Malaria-Induced Extracellular Vesicles.", Pathogens 9(1), 21
11Mbagwu, S.I.; Filgueira, L.. (2020, January), "Differential Expression Of CD31 And Von Willebrand Factor On Endothelial Cells In Different Regions Of The Human Brain: Potential Implications For Cerebral Malaria Pathogenesis.", Brain Sci. 2020, 10(1), 31
12Hernández-Castañeda, M. A., Happ, K., Cattalani, F., Wallimann, A., Blanchard, M., Fellay, I., Scolari, B., Lannes, N., Mbagwu, S., Fellay, B., Filgue. (2020, July), "γδ T Cells Kill Plasmodium Falciparum In A Granzyme- And Granulysin-Dependent Mechanism During The Late Blood Stage.", J Immunol. 2020;204(7):1798–1809.
13Ukoha Ukoha, Ekezie Jervas, Ukoha C. Clarice, Mbagwu S. Ikechukwu, Ogidi C. Blessing. (2018, December), "Comparative Study Of Anthropometric And Cardiovascular Parameters In Healthy Sedentary And Non-Sedentary Subjects In The Nnewi Community", , Arab Journal of Forensic Sciences & Forensic Medicine : Vol. 1 No. 8
14Uzozie Chikere Ofoego, Ezinne Uchechi Ekwujuru, Agnes Nwakanma, Ikechukwu Smart Mbagwu, Elizabeth Obioma Nweke, Chike Ikechukwu Patrick Anibeze. (2018, July), "Protective And Ameliorating Effects Of Methanolic Seed Extract Of Mucuna Pruriens On Paraquat Induced Testicular Damage.", Advances in Life Science and Technology; 53: 8-16
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Conference Papers
1Smart Mbagwu, Luis Filgueira. (2022, August), "Differential expression of brain endothelial cell markers in the human brain: Implications in the pathogenesis of cerebral malaria", Wiley
2Edem Edem, Kate Nebo, Adedamola Fafure, Aisha Olatokun, Emmanuel Collins-Daniel, Osemhanhu Asibor, Ifeoluwa Awogbidin, Elizabeth Akinluyi, Smart Mbagwu, Ademola Oremosu. (2022, August), "Tramadol modulates cognition and lipid-immune signalling in the gut-liver-brain axis of sleep-deprived periadolescent rats", Wiley
Other Relevant Publications
1Ifukibot Levi Usende, Mofio M Bintu, Osinachi Chinonyerem Daniella, Oyelowo-Abdulraheem Fatima Oyenike, Adikpe Oluwa Agbonu, Azeez Mariam Adedamola, Enefe Ndidi, Sanni Fatimah Saka, Beselia V Gela, Smart I Mbagwu, Edem Ekpenyong Edem, Olopade James Olukayode, Connor R James. "Neurobehavioral deficits, histoarchitectural alterations, parvalbumin neuronal damage and glial activation in the brain of male Wistar rat exposed Landfill leachate", (Preprint, 2023 January)

Academic Leadership Qualities

1Awardee: "Science Outreach" (February, 2018). Completed sponsored grant by Teaching and Research in Natural Sciences for Development in Africa
2Awardee: "Educational Outreach Grant" (August, 2018). Completed sponsored grant by American Association for Anatomy
3Awardee: "Swiss Excellence Scholarship for Doctoral Studies" (May, 2015 to July, 2019). Completed sponsored grant by Swiss Government
1Reviewer, "Impacts Of Drug Interactions On Pharmacokinetics And The Brain Transporters: A Recent Review Of Natural Compound-Drug Interactions In Brain Disorders" (2020)
2Reviewer, "Adequacy Of Severe Malaria Markers And Prognostic Scores In An Intensive Care Unit In Luanda - Angola: A Clinical Study" (2020)
3Reviewer, "A De Novo Peptide From A High Throughput Peptide Library Blocks Myosin A -MTIP Complex Formation In Plasmodium Falciparum" (2020)
4Reviewer, "Deep Learning Based Automatic Malaria Parasite Detection From Blood Smear And Its Smartphone Based Application" (2020)
Contributions to the University/Society
1Member, "BSc Accreditation Committee, Department of Anatomy, NAU" (March, 2024)
2Member, "Program Committee of American Association for Anatomy" (May, 2023)

Membership of Professional/Relevant Bodies

1Junior Member, "American Association for Anatomy" (member since 2017), https://www.anatomy.org/